Health Coach

Adapt and Change with Health Training: Sara Da Silva, LondonSara provides one to one sessions empowering clients stay focused on improving their health and wellbeing by changing their behaviour.

Clients are supported to identify changes they want to make to their lifestyle and progress is monitored. Sara supports them to attain and maintain their chosen goals using a holistic framework and approach to solutions.

The first consultation is usually 60 minutes and follow-up sessions are usually 45 minutes. Sara usually sees clients weekly for 6 weeks.

Workshops & Community Health

Health Workshops and Communtiy Health Training with Sara Da Silva in London

Sara is a health and wellbeing trainer with extensive community experience.  She is available to work with small groups, individuals or provide health workshops. She is an experienced facilitator.

Examples of recent work include:

  • Promotion of Healthy Eating and Lifestyle changes in the community through courses, cook and eat sessions, events and workshops;
  • Delivery  of  Healthy Heart Programmes (British Heart Foundation) to the general public
  • Delivery of Weight Management 10 week Courses for adults involving teaching behavioural change, healthy eating , plus a cook and eat session
  • Training of Community Nutrition Advisors
  • Innovative community development on a mental health promotion programme including: promoting awareness of mental health problems through workshops, courses and peer support groups and running events to beat stigma around mental health issues
  • Health promotion with a wide range of community groups and a focus on the links between food and well being